heartaches book 7 cover

The entire reason for establishing 8square Press was to give a voice to those that may have not been discovered by the mainstream publishers. Specifically for marginalized communities such as LGBTQIA, racial minorities, , women, and immigrants just to name a few.

One new author we are proud to be the publisher for is Donovan Lord. His debut book of poetry, Heartaches: A Poetry Memoir, is a truly great work of poetry that is filled with pathos and honesty. He explores his painful childhood growing up gay and bi-racial in a small Texas town as well as his dating and married life from the very first time to his marriage today.

I highly recommend you get a copy of this very unique and special work of poetry in its first edition hardback August 6th, 2019. Until then you can get a pre-order here and we will ship you a copy so you receive it the day it is released. The book will be available at Barnes and Noble bookstores, Amazon, iBooks, and independent bookstores as well as here at the 8square Press website.

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